Friday, April 6, 2012

Sewing and Writing

I begin today with my newest acquisition. Gotta love a hexie metal basket! I bought this at Target a few weeks ago (on clearance for only $6.98!) I think I'll spray paint it a fun color after we move. By the way, the apples are fake - staged for potential home buyers so they can picture themselves munching an apple at the kitchen table.

We thought we were getting an offer this week, but we haven't. The showings continue though and I know someone will come along and buy it eventually. Meanwhile, I bind quilts. I did finish the intricate quilt I've been working on for almost 8 months! Yay and whew! So now to do the finishing on all of them. I also spent time today on the computer actually writing - it's about time I got to that part!

My father is not doing well. He's very subdued, confused, and even delusional. I took my mother to see him this morning and it's sad. He had trouble even staying awake while we were there, so we just sat for a bit while he slept. I know some have mentioned to me that we might want to repeat his CAT scan from his recent fall. But he was already more confused before the fall, and even if we did find something.... would we do anything at this point? It's a tough call. He's 88 and his quality of life has been nonexistent for some time. He made his wishes clear long ago that he wouldn't want us to do anything drastic to help him if he were in the situation he's now in. It's all in black and white on the legal documents my parents had prepared years ago. We just hope he will go in peace when that time does come. That is my prayer.


O'Quilts said...

Hi Julia...I see you are dealing with your Dad and his struggles. I am glad to see that you are writing about it. I am always posting about my 90 year old mother with Parkinsons. It is so hard to watch the decline..up and down and up and down. I am thinking of you and sending hugs from Charlotte, NC

Z Any Mouse said...

There's not much I can say without bursting into tears, except that I know how difficult it is to watch a parent decline into the last stages of their life. Letting them go a little at a time, but knowing that they are heading to a better place. It will all be okay.