Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good Morning!!!

What a gorgeous morning we're having here in Birmingham! It's clear and cool and lovely...

Yesterday at Guild someone asked me how Mickey is doing, now a few months after his major back surgery. As you can see his hair has almost grown back; there is still a bare spot up near his neck. If you look closely just to the right of his spine you may be able to see his scar.

He is doing really well. I wouldn't say he's 100%, but probably 95% back to normal. He's a bit weak in his rear left leg and often holds it up, walking on three legs. This usually happens when he's trotting or running. When just walking, he looks totally normal. Problem is, he rarely just walks - he's always in a hurry! But we are VERY pleased with the results. He's no longer in pain and is very happy.

We walk him out the front door on a leash to take care of his business - no more steps for him. Our new house in Auburn has a level yard and will be much easier as for as the dogs go.

More prettiness from the yard! Love these colors!

I was very productive yesterday. First I went to the fun "garage sale" Guild meeting where members rented tables and sold lots of stuff. Yes, I bought a few things - I'll show you tomorrow. My wonderful bee friends gave me a fabulous going away giftie: a bag of black and white prints and a gift certificate to Hancock's of Paducah. Then home again to baste the most recently finished quilt top for the book.

I'm taking Mom to the nursing home this morning. Hope it goes well!

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