Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rolling in the Deep

I'm still putting in long days working on the book.  It's amazing how many little details need to be taken care of when you think you're almost done.  I'm so lucky that I LOVE the entire process!  Though it seems that every time I mark something off my "To Do" list, I add two or three more things.

The dogs provide me with breaks - I stop my work, put them on leashes, and walk them around the front yard.  We all get a bit of sunshine and a chance to stretch our legs.  And they take care of business.  A favorite part of our yard strolls (for Mickey, not me!) is the requisite roll in the grass.  It must feel so good to him!

Tomorrow I'll be doing a magazine review here, so check back.  I think you'll love this publication!  It's Modern Quilts Illustrated.  (There's a giveaway involved, too!)

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