Saturday, April 21, 2012


I know this doesn't look like much. But there are hundreds of hours of work here. This is the backside of the most intricate quilt I've made for the new book. I quilted this one myself. I know - a bit simple, but this piece called for simple quilting.

I put the last stitch in minutes ago, finishing the sleeve. Okay, I still have to sew on a label, but whatever - I'm calling it DONE!

Now to focus on more WRITING! And making DIAGRAMS! Yay!

Not much else to report around here. My mother has finally spent a night in her new apartment. The kitchen didn't appear clean when she moved last week, so the apartment management painted the inside and outside of all the kitchen cabinetry. Now she can get settled and unpack. My Dad's transition has not been easy. Two falls so far. Tons of confusion. But I hear he was a bit better today than yesterday. Another whew!

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