Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Easter Blossom

I discovered this beauty in the back yard today. Ahh, the loveliness of Spring!

We had a great Easter Day, including a yummy meal that only needed heating. I look forward to cooking again, though it will probably have to wait until July when we are finally settled in our new home in Auburn. I hear said house got kitchen counter tops last week - I've seen a picture and I love them!

I completely finished (binding and sleeves) TWO quilts today! Woohoo!!!! Knocking out the finishing touches. This week I will focus on writing patterns and drawing instructional diagrams. I hoping that once I get into the swing, it will also go quickly.

Tomorrow morning I'm attending my last quilt guild meeting here in Birmingham for several months. I know I'll come back occasionally, but I really don't know how often.

I took Mom to see Dad at the nursing home this afternoon. He's not doing well as far as his mind goes. He really didn't know where he was. But he did seem to know who we were, so that is good. And so it goes.

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