Sunday, April 15, 2012

My New Secret Weapons....

I added more flowers to make our house appealing to buyers. Love this colorful hanging basket - it's now on the back deck.
Impatiens planted in the deck's window box.
And .... something cascading in the pots on the back wall. (I'm not very good at plant names.)
But whatever this is, I like it!
Tonight I'm binding one of the book quilts - here's a peep at the backing and the bright red polka dot binding. My assistant is so helpful, as you can see.

My father is now in Augusta. The nursing home was supposed to have him ready for me to pick up at 7 this morning. He was not ready. I had to dress him myself, every stitch of clothing. I managed to get him in a wheelchair where he sat until I packed his clothes, toiletries, and television. Loaded everything in the car. Found someone to help me get him in my car. I had a McDonald's biscuit waiting for him since I figured (correctly) that he wouldn't have eaten yet.

I drove him to Anniston where my brother was waiting to make the transfer. After they arrived in Augusta, I got a quick call - my brother was absolutely floored by how much Dad has gone down in the last few weeks. He hadn't seen him since Thanksgiving. Dad's gone downhill even since my mother last saw him on Thursday. I don't even know if Dad knew what was going on today.

As soon as Dad and I drove away from Birmingham this morning, he asked if I had enough gas. That was really a last glimpse of him. He would alway ask (in better days) if I had enough gas in the tank. Yes, Dad. I have plenty of gas.

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Z Any Mouse said...

Aww, this must be so difficult for you. Hopefully he is on his way to a place with really great care.