Monday, April 30, 2012

My Sunday Afternoon

We had FIVE showings for our house this weekend!  A very good thing, though I keep having to pack up my work on the new book and get the heck out of Dodge.  Saturday, with the dogs in the car, I spent four hours in the car parked in the deck at the Galleria Mall.  It was very hot so I needed a shady spot.  I sewed/wrote while the pups snoozed.

Sunday afternoon I found a shady spot at a nearby park.  I had my sewing at the ready and actually accomplished quite a bit.

So what am I sewing now?  Yes, all the book quilts are done.  But now Peggy and I are working on samples for each quilt to be photographed by the publisher to be included in the instructions for the quilts. Little bits and pieces to send in with the manuscript and quilts.

There is a pattern in the book for a purse/bag.  Today's agenda includes making 2-3 of these purses in various stages of completeness for the publisher to photograph.

Tomorrow's agenda includes meeting Peggy at a photography studio to have our pictures made for the book cover.  Hmmm.....what will I where?  Need to think about that!

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