Sunday, January 29, 2012


I hate to go so long without blogging, but there hasn't been time for a few days. The focus is on houses: selling ours and finding another one.

We have had lots of showing for our house. An Open House today. Lots of activity here.

We've narrowed our house hunt to two houses in Auburn. We couldn't go wrong with either one. We'll make a decision this week! It will be nice to be able to picture in my mind where we will be.

I have house showings down to a science now: turning on lights and music, opening doors, wiping down counters, loading the dogs in the crate in my car. Where do I go? Hmmmm. Let's see. If I have an errand then I do that. I've been known to park at Sonic and read a magazine (limeade and onion rings, anyone?) Today I went to Target and wandered, buying a few things I couldn't live without (face cream, hair products, a couple of shirts).

Another showing tomorrow. Hoping for an offer soon. Once you know you'll be moving, you're just ready to go. I know I am.

Off the subject, but did you see the new show Touch last week? LOVE IT! They had me at Fibonacci Sequence! Gotta love the Fibonacci Sequence.

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