Saturday, January 7, 2012

House Hunting Begins

Here's a quick photo of the Auburn condo. Don't worry - that polka dot settee will not be staying with that rug! The "real" furniture will not be delivered for a few weeks, so we put the settee there so there is something to sit on. The rug will stay. Love the rug!

We looked at 7 houses today. Whew! After a while, they start running together. I tried to have a system to keep up with everything. I took along a notebook and a camera. I wrote each address on a page of the notebook. When we arrived at a house, I took a picture of the address I'd written down. Then I took other pictures of the home. Next house, another picture of an address, with house pictures following.

So when I got home tonight, it was easy to tell which pictures go with which house. I also took lots of notes on each home. This process helped tremendously!

I'm sure we'll look at more houses, and we need to get ours on the market. But we saw some great homes today!


DaisyChain said...

Just found your blog. As a novice quilter, I look forward to reading your posts.

Calvin said...

Taking notes and pictures – good thinking. Most house hunters, especially first-timers, would neglect this part and would just rely on their memory to ponder on the house considerations. Of course we’re all different, but I prefer to have everything in black and white. Calvin @