Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Box of Quilts for Tornado Victims!

More tornadoes around here earlier in the week. 2 dead, 100 injured, 500 homes gone. Coincidently I received a big box of quilts Saturday donated for last year's tornado victims. Thank you to Debbie E. and the Crossroads Christian Church quilters! I've decided these newest tornado victims have the greatest need now, so the quilts are being picked up today to be distributed.
How sweet! Children have added their hand prints and names! I know these quilts will bless lots of people who are in need.

Today's agenda:

9:00 am Home Appraisal
9:00 am Termite Inspection
10:00 am Home Inspection
11:00 am Home Appraisal

It will be a busy morning, but I'm glad all these things are happening in one morning!

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