Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If You are So Moved....

I entered "Patches" in a contest sponsored by Aurofil thread - yes, it's the only thread I use! If you would like to help a girl out, please go HERE to vote for my quilt. If I win some yummy thread, I'll be having a giveaway here on my blog, so you can have some Aurofil yumminess, too!

The move. Ahhh, the move. It's keeping us busy. We've interviewed two real estate agents and selected the one we'll use. We've decided how much to ask for the house, which is much less than we would like to get, of course. Know anyone who wants a great deal on a house in Vestavia Hills, AL? Send them my way!

Tomorrow, a local charity is coming over to pick up the large pile of stuff that is filling our garage.

Thursday, the moving company will come see all our belongings.

The great news is that I have made time to sew every single day since Thursday. That makes me very happy indeed. I'm hoping to finish this quilt top for the book by Monday.

Today is a dreary, rainy day. Perfect for stitching. So I'd better get back to it! Cheers.