Friday, January 13, 2012

Back in the Studio

Today I sat here. Yay!
And worked on the pile of loveliness. Yay.

I love being back at work. I lose track of time. Concentration takes over. Stress filters away. It's just me and the fabric. What a wonderful feeling.

I did get the door cleaned and primed. Today I'll get the paint out and attack it. I never got around to cleaning out that bookcase, but today I'll tackle that.

It's oh, so cold here today. Brrrrr! The challenge in this is taking little Mickey out the front door to potty. Lucky for me, he gets right down to business. He's doing great though. He wants to run! But I hold him back. His gait has improved; he still has a limp on one of his rear legs, but it's much better. I can't believe he's almost 4 weeks out from his major back surgery - what a busy 4 weeks it has been! Luckily, Mickey is now used to being confined to the crate while all the cleaning (or sewing) happens.

Hubby is sick with the crud. Poor hubby. He's home today and hopefully a long weekend of rest will cure him.

We have two different real estate agents coming to see our house over the weekend. The relocation company we're working with is sending them by to each set a price for the house. Then we can decide what price we want to set and which agent we want to use. The house should be officially listed sometime next week.

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