Friday, January 6, 2012

A Little Shopping Spree!

A good friend gave me a gift certificate to our local quilt shop for Christmas. The store has one big sale on Dec. 30 each year. I couldn't resist! I bought yardage of these two lovelies for quilt backings - they were marked down to 75% off! And with my gift certificate, I practically got them for free!
Little Mickey got his staples out on Tuesday. Doesn't his scar look great?! He's doing very well. His walking ability is improving every single day. He's feeling so much better, but now that he's improving he HATES being confined to the crate. He has one more month of solitary confinement.

We're going on our first house hunting mission this weekend. There are so many houses available in Auburn that seem to fit our wish list, so we are optimistic about finding the perfect home. At the top of the wish list is a flat yard, front and back, with only a step or two down from the house to the back yard- good for little doggies and people!

Of course, a room for my studio is also a top priority. I want a large room, hopefully with a big closet. I also want a big wall for my design wall.

I want at least two bedrooms on the main level so that if this is our retirement home, I can move my studio downstairs when I'm too old to climb those stairs. Plus when my mom comes to visit, she can stay on the main level.

We're almost done getting our house ready to put on the market. Since we did so much remodeling last year and the associated cleaning out, this hasn't been as bad as you might think. Thank goodness! In a few days, I plan to get back up in my studio to finish some quilts!

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth! My baby is 22 today!

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Z Any Mouse said...

I'm so excited for you! I live in a smallish one-story house, so I'm always lusting after one of those fancy two-stories that has a circular window room on one corner (kind of like a castle, lol) that would make a perfect sewing room with all the windows. Of course it would have to have a couple nice big flat spaces to hang a design wall on. Oh heck with it, I'd just take the entire top floor for myself.