Friday, February 3, 2012

Time in Birmingham is Ticking Away!

I went to my bee meeting yesterday. Maybe my last one here. :(

Tammie hosted it at her wonderfully inspiring home. I love to go there! Here's her new clock in her sewing room - she took apart a plastic clock and added this rainbow of fabrics. Love it! Great idea! More pictures from her house soon, I promise.

We found a house in Auburn! Yay! We have a contract on it - closing is set for the end of February, so we'll be moving soon after that. It came very close to having everything on our wish list. My quilting studio will be in the home's "bonus room." It doesn't have a closet like I wanted, but it does have two nooks that can easily be curtained off to create closet areas. Plus there are two bedrooms near it with large closets I can use for sewing storage if needed. I'm determined not to clutter up the room with storage! This room currently has carpet, so I want to have wood flooring put down here before we move.

I got another doctor's appointment out of the way this morning; one more before we move - OB/GYN. Guess I'd better call and make that appointment.

I have this strange list of things to do before we leave. Some items are very random. For instance, I want to go to Penzey's Spices and stock up on my favorites there to take along (love their cinnamon!) I know I can always mail order them, and it's not like I'm never coming back to Birmingham, but still....

We still have tons of household stuff to sort through before the move. It's hard to do this, because you never know when we'll get a call for a house showing. That's my excuse, anyway.


Kathy said...

The description of what will be your new studio sounds very nice. I bet you're anxious to get moved in.

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