Monday, February 27, 2012

A Little Break

I've been sitting here more lately. I'm trying to finish another quilt top for the book by the end of this week. I hope I make my personal goal!

Last week was tough:

Missing Oliver. I kept thinking I heard him barking. Then I dreamed about him. :(
Breast ultrasound: not so good. Got sent to a surgeon.
House hunting in Auburn: lost out on a house we thought we had.

I spent the week taking care of myself, trying to get out of my funk, and sewing. Sewing cures a lot.

This week is better:
I took the doxies to a dog park today while someone was looking at our house. They had a blast!

I went to the breast surgeon. She's not worried. I have a large cyst that she wants to watch. I go for another mammogram and ultrasound in 4 months. Meanwhile, I'm supposed to take Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil tablets. And sleep in a bra (that's NOT going to happen).

There is another's really different....we may be interested....we'll see.....


KrisD said...

Sending happy thoughts your way!

sewingnana said...

Vitamin E should help. You may have to take it the rest of your life but it is worth it not to have the pain.