Sunday, February 12, 2012

West Alabama Quilt Guild

I had a speaking engagement this weekend - what fun. (No, that's not me - more about her in a minute.) I traveled to Tuscaloosa to speak to the West Alabama Quilt Guild on the subject of my Funky Little Art Quilts. I had a great time (except for their moans and boo's when I told them I was soon moving to Auburn.) :) Football rivalry invades the quilting world!

I have so many pictures and stories to share, but today I'll start with the lovely woman above. (So sorry, I can't remember your name - I met so many nice people!)

Anyway, she found this pieced lone star somewhere. It was made and tossed by someone else. It had a big raised area in the middle - whoops! Being the resourceful person that she obviously is, she cut a circle from the middle and stitched the remainder onto what looks like a pre made fleece jacket. Oh so creative! I have one of those "found" lone stars tucked away in my stash. A new jacket just might be in my future.

I also met someone who belongs to the guild in Auburn - my first new friend!

So much has happened around here this week. We are not going to buy the house in Auburn on which we had the contract. It had some issues that came up in the inspections. We know we'll find another house. Meanwhile, we continue to try to sell ours. All will work out.

I got my mammogram on Thursday. :( Heard later that day that I have to go back in a week for a compression test and possibly an ultrasound. I'm sure all's well, just one more doctor appointment to deal with. Darn.

For now, I'll keep on sewing! I have big plans for quilting this afternoon. And maybe even tonight while I watch the Grammy's.

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