Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Foodie Things

Thanks for all your well wishes yesterday concerning Oliver. We'd known for some time it was coming. His pen looked so empty this morning. Today I decided to get up and write a more upbeat post, trying to move forward.

So here we go! I finally learned to poach an egg the real way! I've tried to do it before and the egg whites always got out of control in the water. But, I finally found out the secret. HERE. The secret? A bit of vinegar. Not much water. Oh, I can do it perfectly now. And they are cooked perfectly. I do love a good poached egg.
Have you tried these? Lacey's Cookies. Oh. My. Decadent! I had some at Tammie's (yes, she inspires me in every way!) and had to get some. They are hard to find. Whole Foods carries them. You can also get them on Amazon.
And I did finally go to our local Penzey's store to stock up on my favorites. I always thought a spice was a spice was a spice until I discovered Penzey's. Their Vietnamese Cinnamon is wonderful - so much better than the grocery store stuff. We love their Northwoods Seasoning on chicken. Their Fox Point Seasoning is good on anything. Mural of Flavor is a relatively new one - a salt free seasoning mix. I use it on lots of things, too. So fun to play with flavors! If you don't have a store nearby, the products are available on-line.

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