Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Have you ever wanted to be a fabric designer? I know I have. I've read about quilters who have used Spoonflower to print their own designs on fabric, but I've never tried it myself. Always wanted to, though.

Daughter 2 saw a piece of artwork on the internet - no idea where to get a copy for herself. She's been wanting to recreate it on a budget. I had the idea to design it on the computer and have it printed on fabric. Then she can frame it or wrap it around a canvas.

The original artwork is basically oversized sheet music that looked old and aged, but with some interesting depth. So Daughter 1 found some images and used photo editing software to layer two images. Then she zapped it to Spoonflower and ordered a sample (only a few dollars).

The sample came in the mail yesterday. Yay! I think it turned out just as she was hoping. But she won't be home for a couple of weeks to make the final decision. I'll show more of this as the project progresses. If she's happy with the sample, we'll order a yard of the fabric and proceed from there.

Family Updates:
Dad fell at the nursing home Sunday night, but was not hurt.

Mom's Carotid Doppler is this afternoon. Her retina specialist appointment is Wednesday morning. So hopefully we'll know much more tomorrow about what lies ahead for her.

Her eye is definitely not improving on its own. She doesn't complain, but she can't read the newspaper or do her beloved crossword puzzles. I took her to Walmart yesterday. Usually, we both get a cart and go our separate ways in the store. But yesterday, I needed to stay with her. She felt more comfortable holding on to our cart with me guiding it from the front.

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