Friday, December 23, 2011

Mickey Update

Again, an old picture. He's still not home. He still needs to urinate. We're thinking we might go see him this morning and see if we can help. Maybe he'll be so excited to see us that he'll immediately let loose.

I sewed last night! I finished the last of the pieces for a quilt - now I just have to put the pieces together. I also spent some time cleaning my sewing studio which had become overwhelmingly cluttered. I still need to do some cleaning in there, but at least I got the process started.

Our Christmas celebrations start tomorrow, so I'd better go wrap some presents!

1 comment:

Beatriz said...

Pee, Mickey! Pee! :)))
A dasch brings me up and keeps me company too.
It has been so for the last 13 years. Can´t do without her!

Hope Mickey is back soon!