Thursday, December 29, 2011


I've spent a few hours (several, actually!) over the last couple of days cleaning my studio. I should have taken a before shot, but trust me, it was a wreck. And now it is clean.
My cutting table hasn't been clear in a long, long time. I found 2 rotary cutters and a few pairs of scissors hiding under the pile of fabric that was there.
And my sewing machine table is clear! (Okay, so I didn't clean out the bookcases, but... whatever!)

I'm so excited - can't wait to get back up there. I have a quilt in pieces that I'm anxious to put together. I'll be much more productive now!

While in my cleaning mode, I also cleaned out my bedroom closet and a linen closet. And hubby cleaned the garage. Next step: garage sale or Craigslist sale. Coming soon. The pile of discarded furniture and stuff if now filling up one bay of our garage. It's good to start off the new year a bit more organized.
We almost had a major catastrophe this morning. While hubby was outside helping Mickey do his business (yes, the pee is now flowing!) and I was upstairs taking the clean studio shots, Prince found Mickey's toy and proceed to play with it on the hearth. When I came downstairs I discovered Prince with the end of the toy sticking into the fire! I grabbed up said toy, put out it's flames, and turned off the gas logs. It's terrifying how close we came to having a house fire. No harm done except to the toy (named Bo Bo). He now has a hole in his head. Whew!

Mickey is slowing improving. He no longer drags his rear left left, but he still can't walk normally with it. He will get his staples (count em - 20!) out next week.

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