Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mollie Makes

I bought this magazine earlier in the week at Books-A-Million. I thought I deserved a little giftie to relax and enjoy. And I'm enjoying it! Love the chai tea cup cozy on the front cover. The magazine is all about making, thrifting, collecting, and crafting - some of my favorite things in the world. It's a bit pricey for a mag, $11.99, probably because it comes from the UK, but a fun occasional splurge, for sure.
And, what's more, every Mollie Makes magazine has an actual craft kit attached to the cover! This issue has a little kit to embroider and make 3 covered buttons. What fun!

After Mom's Carotid Doppler yesterday and today's retinal appointment, I'm pretty much over hospitals and doctors for the time being. Her test results are mostly good though!

The retinal specialist we saw today said that all her problems have been caused by a blood clot in a vein behind her eye, not from her Carotid artery. (He was right because we found out later in the day that the Carotid Doppler came back normal.) There is nothing that causes it; it can just happen. It's called a having a stroke in the eye.

There is not a cure, but only treatment. The treatment currently being recommended is an injection of a certain medication directly into the eye to try to constrict the affected blood vessels. Her first injection was today, and she will get one every month for a few months. She might see improvement in her vision and she might not. Everyone is different.

We are relieved that her Carotid is fine. Overall, we are happy with the results today! We hope her vision comes back, but if it doesn't, as she says, "I can live with that!

Back to sewing!

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Lynn said...

My mom is suffering from the same eye condition! She has had some vision improvement with the shots, but her vision hasn't returned to normal and may never.