Saturday, December 3, 2011

Looking at the Bright Side

I woke up sick today, so Hubby took Mom for her nursing home visit. I'm feeling better this evening, and hopefully this will not turn into the full blown upper respiratory crud. Though the last month has had fewer ups than downs, I'm really trying to look at the good stuff and not focus on the bad.

The Good Stuff:
1. My hip is better.
2. My mother could have had a stroke if the plaque had gone to her brain.
3. My mother has a wonderful, upbeat attitude, despite having lost sight in one eye.
4. Hubby brought me two boxes of candy tonight.
5. I had two naps today.
6. I felt like sewing tonight.
7. Daughter 2 got a rental car this morning.
8. We close on the Auburn condo in less than a week.
9. I stayed in my pajamas all day long.
10. Hubby made me hot chocolate this afternoon.

I have a lot to be thankful for!


Sujata said...


Hang in there! I am thinking of you and wishing you and yours well.
Sometimes looking at the bright side is all we can do and leave the rest to unfold at it's own pace.

fiberchick said...

Oh boy do you need a break from stress. Your attitude is inspiring. Am so glad you have a Dachshund to cuddle... I hope everything gets a bit easier soon.