Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Detour Project

Ta-Dah! Here's the little project I made. It's a little snap pouch - the kind that use pieces of a metal tape measure to make them "snap" open and close.
I made 12 of them, to gift to my quilty bee friends at our holiday meeting today. A couple of them were made from selvages. I tucked a pad of Post It notes inside each one - gotta love some Post Its!
Okay, this picture was supposed to be of a shoe box full of the snap cases. But somehow hubby popped up. Too tired to swap the photo. Hubba hubba, hubby!

This morning I had a 7 am dentist appointment - it should be illegal to go to the dentist this early! But I survived. While I was there in the chair (so tired, I seem to be rhyming) Daughter 2 called. Her car was smashed overnight while parked at her apartment complex at college. Luckily a friend and neighbor witnessed the crash at 3 am when it happened. The offender was drunk and hit at least 3 cars in the parking lot, but Daughter 2's car got the brunt of it.

Her car is not drivable - the rear bumper is partially resting on the ground. Poor thing - her friends are rallying around to give her rides to campus. Hopefully tomorrow I can arrange for towing and repair, and hopefully a rental car.

It's certainly never boring around here!

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