Friday, December 9, 2011

Poor Mickey

Poor Mickey has a hitch in his get-along. He seems to be hurting in his hip (just like me). I don't think it's sympathy pain though. He acts very pitiful, pretends he can't walk (though he walks around when he doesn't think we're looking), and asks for treats. He has Hubby wrapped around his little paw.

He's had this same malady before and we have medicine left over from the last time, so hopefully he'll be back to his old perky self soon. Until then, he is very pampered. Actually, he's always pampered, sick or not. (Picture above taken last summer at lake.)

Hubby and I spent a lovely day in Auburn. We closed on the condo - yay! We plan to start buying furniture and moving it in during the next few weeks. Can't wait to start this process. We've already picked out a few things, but haven't made any big purchases yet. There is an Ikea trip in our near future for lamps, etc.

I got lots of sewing done during the car ride - trying to make every minute count. I mentioned during the closing that I'm a quilter. The seller's real estate agent asked if I know Flavin Glover. I told her I'd met Flavin, I'm very familiar with her work, and that we have the same publisher. Flavin is a neighbor of the agent who'd recently been to the Glover home. She said it was spectacularly decorated for Christmas, each room featuring Flavin's quilts. Would have loved to have seen it!

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