Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter Visitor

Yes, we had a visit from the Easter Bunny Sunday!  We see wild rabbits frequently in our neighborhood, but they are always brown.  We started noticing this bunny about a week ago.  He (or she) really gets around because nearly everyone on our street has been seeing him (her) in their yard, too.  We are all assuming that he (she) is an escaped pet, since none of us has ever seen a white wild rabbit.  We've heard that he (she) has been seen hanging out with a brown wild rabbit, so we'll probably have baby bunnies all over the place soon.

I'm having a non stop sewing day today.  I'm still debating what to do about the background for Patches.  I think I'm going to have to finish him and try out some options.  I have some PFD fabric so I'm even considering custom dying a piece to use.


Glaukos said...

yes that would be someones escaped pet. I hope it survives. I had a bunny like that one when I was a teenager. I don't recall the exact type but it is a dwarf rabbit. They are so beautiful and stay pretty small in size compared to larger breeds.

Marty's Fiber Musings said...

We have orphan (or runaway) raccoons in our neighborhood - too many - wish I had your rabbit. So pretty (or handsome)?? Let me know when you find out.

Patches is looking quite handsome too.

Alathia said...

What a pretty rabbit. It looks like it's wearing a lot of black eye makeup. Cute.