Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How I Work

When working on a hand applique project such as the Patches quilt, there's no need to be in my studio.  I might as well be comfy, don't you think?  So I sit in the family room in a recliner, with my feet up.  I have a small table on my left to put my thread, scissors, TV remote, phone, and a cold drink.  I have a lamp over my right shoulder.

I have a quilt over my lap, because I always like to have a quilt over my lap, winter or summer.  My applique project  lays over the quilt.

And under the quilt....
I have two sleeping dachshunds.  It's a fun way to work, plus I'm never lonely!  Can you tell I woke up Mickey for this picture?  Prince is to the left; he refused to even lift his head.


Joan said...

This sounds ideal for all of you.

Becky said...

This sounds like my house. Rusty, my doxie is sitting on my lap while I do computer stuff. It's his favorite place. Love my dog!