Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dogs in Art

Sorry to have been away a couple of days.  Allergies, sinus headache, etc., etc.  I'm ready for SUMMER!  My progress also slowed down on the Patches quilt, though I'm ready to start stitching again!

Today was a fun day.  The Birmingham Quilters Guild hosted the quarterly meeting of the Gulf States Quilt Association (I hope I got that name right!) here in Birmingham.  This is a group of over 600 quilters who reside in four states.  Of course being so spread out, not everyone comes to all meetings, but they had a good turnout.  Members of our B'ham guild were welcome to come and participate, which many of us did.

There was so much Show and Tell that there wasn't room to hang it all!  It was almost like being at a quilt show, except with the added benefit of hearing each quilter telling about their work.

Today I wanted to share with you a phenomenal You-Tube video.  No, it's not the now-famous Brit Susan Boyle singing, though isn't she great!  No, this is a link sent to me by my good friend, Tammie B., who know how much I love dogs.  Check it out - it's really cool!  Click here for video.

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