Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Dying Adventure

Here's my day of dying from a couple of days ago.  I set up a card table on the driveway and covered it with big plastic garbage bags.  The bricks are to keep the plastic from blowing up on the edges.  The fabric is white Kona PFD (prepared for dye) - I started my "no buy" year with a few yards of this on hand, thank goodness.  It's one of the first things I'll buy when my year is up!

I wet the fabric with plain water and loosely accordion folded it on the table.  These folds were my attempt to get some horizontal movement in the final dyed fabric.
Next came the messy part!  I mixed about four different colors of dye:
1.  Turquoise
2.  Turquoise plus brown
3.  Turquoise plus pink
4.  Yellow plus pink

I mix my dyes in styrofoam cups (easily disposable!) with plastic spoons (easily disposable).  I place the dye cups in a plastic shoe box so that if one tips, it will spill in the box.  I simply drizzled the dyes directly on the fabric, heavy on the blue with a touch of the  yellow+pink=orange in a couple of places.

The results:

I'm pleased with the results, though if I had it to do over I'd have diluted the dyes a bit more for less intensity.  It is very rich, though, isn't it.  I have just enough PDF fabric left to do one more piece if I decide to try again.  But I'll pin Patches to it first to see how he looks.

Speaking of Patches, only 3, three, THREE more little LITTLE pieces to applique.  I'll finish him tonight!!!!!!

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Anita in Florida said...

I love the result! What kind of dye did you use? It didn't needing a 'fixative' of some kind?