Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Summary

I finished making the 32 extra nine patch blocks today.  I also squared up all 80 blocks.  I'm sure it won't take too long to sew the blocks together, but I'm not optimistic I'll do it this evening.  I'll do my best to get it done tomorrow, though.  I'll wait to post a photo until I've finished the quilt top, or flimsy, as they call it in Australia.  I love that term!

So the February summary of my goal list:
-Feb stash quilt: ALMOST done
-sent book proposal to publisher: check
-submitted several magazine article proposals: check and check 
-weight goals: not good, going backwards (oh, well...)

And on to March!  I won't start the March stash quilt until I've finished the February one, but I'm confident that will happen in a day or two at most.  The color for March is GREEN.  Makes sense, what with St. Patty's day coming up (and HOPEFULLY Spring).

This is what I have planned.  I haven't exactly figured out if only the darks will be green and the lights will be scrappy, or if the entire thing will be green (seems like a bit too much green), or if the entire quilt will be scrappy, with an emphasis on green.

I'm looking forward to this project.  I love its wonkiness, with no seams, corners, or points to match!!!!  I'd also like to start my next large portrait project in March. 

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