Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Tomatoes, Plus Doggies

Yes, these are real tomatoes. But the color is not real.  My new art bee is meeting this week and we are going to stamp with real fruit.  I decided to get some practice in using tomatoes.  I do love tomatoes.  But these are wintery grocery store tomatoes, not worthy of eating.  So I painted them with my Setacolor paints and stamped away, some red, and some green.
No bad, but not great.  Once the paint has dried, I'll enhance the images with more paint and markers.

The weather was so beautiful here in Alabama today!  Sunny, and warm - around 60 degrees F.  Hubby and I sat in the backyard (right in the grass!) and played with the dogs.  They love it when we join them outside.

Oliver loves to slide down the hill on his back:
Then he had a stand-off with Mickey over a tennis ball:
Look who won:
This afternoon I cut more red squares; I've done 15 so far.  I've also been going through photos to find just the right one to use to make a portrait quilt on the blue background.  I've narrowed it down to two.  More on that later.

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Emily said...

Ooh those pictures are great!!