Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Good Stretch...

Don't we all need a good stretch now and again?  I know I do.  Oliver is so good at it, too.

Seeing a picture of a dog on my blog usually means one thing:  I didn't sew today.  No sew; nothing to show.

I took my car in to the dealership this morning to get a broken door handle fixed.  An hour and a half later, one new door handle, one new air filter, and the carbon build-up cleaned from the engine, $264 dollars later (added to the $600 spent on struts, oil change, etc.) earlier in the week..... I'm sick of car dealers, car shops, cars in general.  Mine should be good to go for quite awhile, I HOPE!

After the car stuff, it was off to the library to get books on Europe.  Yes, EUROPE!!!  Hubby and I are going on a 25th Anniversary trip!  We've never been out of the country before, unless you count a brief stop in the Bahamas several years ago.  We are TOO excited!  The trip is still a few months away, so we have plenty of time to prepare.

Then I took my mother to the doctor this afternoon.  Busy day.

Tomorrow, I plan to sew.


Joan said...

What a great stretch. Yes cars do become expensive every time they are repaired or it's road tax time, insurance time or here in Englad MOT time.So you will be coming over this side of the pond. Great places to see.

Julia Wood said...

Yes, Joan, we can't wait for our trip! I'm hoping to get tons of inspiration for quilts!