Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Days!

A rare site! Snow way down here in Alabama! The schools here (even the university) have been closed for 3 days. Tomorrow everything will be melted, schools will be open, and life will get back to normal. Though we really enjoyed the break - hubby couldn't get to work so we had a nice little time around here. He worked from home, taking breaks to help me with a few things. And we've watched a LOT of Breaking Bad.

This was Cooper's first snow. He LOVED it! He ran and pranced and slid like mad.

Mickey didn't want to get his feet in it, preferring the patio.

Prince didn't even want to go out, preferring a pouf by the fire.

I played around with the BH blocks again. Here are two more choices for the bottom block. The jury is still out on this.

Meanwhile, I'm working on yet another project. As many projects as I have going at once, I guess that's not surprising! This one is full of hexies - today I will applique them - in front of the TV, more Breaking Bad probably....

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Melinda said...

Glad you were able to stay safe and warm. We still have snow and ice in the neighborhood but hopefully every thing will be fine tomorrow.