Sunday, January 12, 2014

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Day 3 of The Great Closet Clean Out: Yesterday's one hour in the closet found me installing a hook to hang my scarf organizer.

Here you can see where it is in relationship to the hooks I hung a couple of days prior.

Next I stapled some plastic hardware cloth over a printer's tray to make an earring holder.

And here is the first pair hanging in place. This has got to be my favorite project so far! I'll be able to see my earrings in a quick glance and find the pair I want.

And now for the "two steps back": Cooper chewed up my glasses while I took a nap in the afternoon. Grrrr. He even removed the lenses and chewed them up in little pieces. I'm wearing an old pair....again....

I was hoping to pull fabric to go with my ugly shirt project, but never made it upstairs. My foot was swollen all afternoon so I tried to stay off it.  Maybe today?

1 comment:

claudia said...

Your closet organization is looking great! I like the earring hanger most.
I feel ya on the glasses! I had a dog that chewed every pair of glasses I had for two years! (Luckily, I was only using the drugstore cheapies at the time) When I went to full fledged grown up glasses I got smart and put them in a drawer when they weren't on my face.