Wednesday, January 22, 2014


My routine (since I've been able to get upstairs again) has been to work in my studio every morning. My sewing room is on the east side of the house so it gets fantastic morning light. I put Cooper in his crate for a couple of hours with a safe toy and away I go.

Yesterday I finished the four patches for Celtic Solstice. Only one more set of little blocks to go!

I have to make 244 of these little things (finishes at only 3 inches).  I cut all the navy triangles this morning and began to cut the little neutral triangles. The yellow/orange half square triangles were made in an earlier clue. I made four of these units just so I could sew a couple of blocks together.

There are two different blocks in the quilt. I've seen some photos where some quilters are arranging the bottom block differently. Bonnie's pattern calls for it to be like this-

But I've seen a few quilters arrange the bottom block like this:

I haven't decided which I'll do yet, so I haven't sewn the bottom block together yet. Hmmm. I like the original. But I worked SO SO hard on those little chevron units and I think they show up better in the bottom example. Hmmm. I need to sleep on it.

I'm still clamming in the early mornings and evenings. I'm going to make it a bit bigger to be the center of a quilt. I'm thinking of pulling out all those basket blocks I made last year to use in this quilt. And maybe some hexies? Happy quilt!

And here's my leader/ender project - growing bit by bit!

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