Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sewing Goodness

I made it safely up to my studio yesterday (finally!) to sew. So good to be working at an ergonomically correct table and chair! My back didn't like sewing at the dining room table. I finished making the half square triangles for the Celtic Solstice quilt and started sewing them together to make pinwheels.

I don't know why, but I'm not a fan of the pinwheel block. But I'm sticking to the instructions because I know they'll look great in the finished quilt. I think I'll finish these today and will be ready to cut Clue 4.

I also spent some time cutting some circles from some pretty pinks, orchids, and purples. When you cut circles you end up with some odd scraps. Instead of throwing them in the scrap bin, I started trimming and sewing them together. I'm doing my best to keep the seams perpendicular to give them a bit of linear continuity. I think I'll keep doing this throughout the year with my scraps. It's great for stash busting and maybe I can figure out an cool design to make from them.

I let Cooper take a nap (and chew on an old shoe) in his crate while I worked upstairs. He was quite happy and I didn't have to worry about him.

The Great Closet Clean Out continues. That upper rack was previously stuffed with clothes! I've gotten rid of almost half my wardrobe - can you believe it!? I have a few more hanging clothes to sort through and then I'll be arranging the remaining clothes on both the top and bottom rack. Everything will have some breathing room! Once that is done, I'll move on to drawers and shelves. Making progress!!!

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