Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Great Closet Clean Out

This is something I've been putting off for a long time...1.5 years....since we moved in to the house. Yup, the movers hung the clothes in the closet and I haven't done a darn thing since. Hubby organized his clothing within the first week. Not me. I was more interested in getting my sewing room set up.

I've decided to tackle it one hour at a time. One hour per day. Today was the day I started. Our closet is big. It wraps around the backside of our bathroom. My end is at the very back.

The first step was to pick up all the stuff from the floor at the far end. A lot of floor stuff. I put it all on our bed.

Another view. Yup, a lot of stuff on the floor.

Once the floor was clear, I hung some hooks on the wall. I bought these soon after we moved in. These will be used for long necklaces. Maybe I'll even sort the jewelry by color.

Hooks hung. Floor clean. 45 minutes gone. I had to work 30 more minutes to clear off the bed. What was in the floor:

1. Clothes that needed to be hung (I put them in the washing machine).
2. Clothes and shoes that needed to be donated (bagged and ready to donate).
3. Assorted tangled jewelry (placed in a box to sort through later).
4. A pile of assorted totes (many will be donated).
5. A few scarfs (hung across from the new hooks).
6. Some cardboard and other trash (thrown away).

I was forced to work 15 minutes over my 1 hour deadline because I want to sleep in the bed tonight. :) The bed is now clear again.

After Cooper chewed up TWO computer cords and ONE IPad/IPhone cord, I knew something had to give. I'm smart like that. :)

So I googled "Dog Chew Toy Aggressive Chewer." I ordered one of these. Yes, it's a real antler (elk or deer). He loves it! The only problem is the doxies are also obsessed with it. So I pull it out on occasion when he's in a chewing mood. I may need to order a few more of these so they all can have one.

I'm making hexies right and left these days, and also working on Celtic Solstice Clue 3. Getting there...


Kris C. said...
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Kris C. said...

Please only let Cooper have the antler when he's being supervised. I have seen radiographs of dogs which have swallowed pieces which then pierced the esophagus. :( Not something you want to deal with.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big and handsome Cooper has become! He's a beautiful dog!