Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Quilty Challenge from the Great Closet Clean Out!

I put my hour in cleaning the closet yesterday. I went through about a fifth of my hanging clothes, getting rid of these two bags worth of stuff I never wear - they'll go to Goodwill as soon as I'm done. But there were a few things I won't wear again that I kept.

These colorful t-shirts will be save either to make t-shirt yarn or to make a colorful vest.

A pile of old jeans: Flavin Glover is teaching a denim class later this year so these will come in handy.

This shirt! I loved the print in the store, but it looks horrendous on me! I now realize why I bought it; it's all about the fabric and the colors and the print. I would never put these colors together, but somehow they work! Click on the picture to see it up close - see what I mean?

So here's the challenge. I'm going to pull some fabric from my stash to go with it. Then I'm going to cut the shirt up and make a quilt. Going back to my "green" roots!

Want to join me? Go through your closet. Find an ugly shirt, or just a shirt, skirt, scarf (anything!) that you don't want anymore. And make something with it!!!

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