Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope the New Year finds you happy and healthy! I'm not making any resolutions or goals this year, just taking it all as it comes. I do plan to make LOTS of quilts! And I'm looking forward to not being under a deadline for a book like I was in the last two years.

Lots of quilters are showing all the quilts they made in 2012, but most of mine were book projects that I can't show! Oh well.

I did cook a pork butt, blackeyed peas, greens, and cornbread for good luck. The girls came over to eat with us yesterday; SIL is in Pasadena for the National Championship game. Our girls are leaving tomorrow for their first leg of their trip to California. Hubby and I are holding down the fort here in Auburn. We'll watch the game here and take care of all the four legged family members. 

Speaking of which, here was Mickey this morning heading out to the vet for a bit of surgery.

He had a melanoma on his head (top of his left ear) as seen below while Cooper is photo bombing. He's back home this afternoon with a few stitches, clean teeth, and trimmed nails, sleeping it off happily in hubby's lap.

I took a little road trip this morning to Columbus, GA, which is only about 30 miles from here. My new sewing machine came in! Yippee!!! It's still in the car, but I'll get hubby to help me get it out later. Can't wait to learn all about it.

This was my first long drive by myself since I tore the ligaments in my driving foot. It's so good to be driving again! I still have pain in my foot and limp a bit and I have only one pair of shoes that I can wear for any length of time. But at least I'm getting back to normal! Progress is good!!!

I'm still poking along through Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. Still on step 2. One reason I'm so slow is because in this step there are 4 pairs of little triangles leftover from trimming each of the 240 blocks. I couldn't bear to waste them, so I'm sewing them together to make TINY half square triangle units as I go. Once I FINALLY get done with step 2, I'll have almost 1000 of these little half square triangles to use in another project. Is anyone else doing this, or am I the only fabric hoarder around here?

You might want to check out The Hexie Blog. We're having lots of fun over there with The 2014 Hexie Block of the Month.

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding photo bomb - Go Cooper! Wish you a speedy recovery, Mickey. I am a fabric scrap hoarder, too - I'm not doing Bonnie Hunter's mystery this year, but I follow her blog. You can do a LOT with tiny pieces of fabric!