Monday, December 30, 2013

The End of the Year

I took a little bloggy break over the Christmas holiday. We had a great holiday and I hope you did too. Here's a little bit of what you missed around here.

Cooper has been a bit of a bad boy. Here he is after splashing and digging in a mud patch.

He needed a quick hose bath before he could come in. Plus he chewed up both my computer charge cord and my phone/IPad charge cord. He'd been good today though, thank goodness!

My mother came and stayed with us for a week. Here she is dusting with Mickey in her arms and Cooper is standing by. We took her to see a gingerbread replica of Auburn's campus one day and a tour of Christmas lights one evening. We do try to pamper her when she's here.

One day we made gingerbread houses with our daughters. Lots of fun and laughter!

 Daughter 2 spent one day at our house making French macarons: very labor intensive, but very delicious!

And I am trucking along on my Celtic Solstice project. I'm still on Clue 2 though Bonnie Hunter has posted 5 clues now. I guess I'm slow at piecing. I need to make 240 of these chevron units. I've made 150. Hopefully I'll finish this clue by the end of the week.

My new sewing machine hasn't come int yet, but I'm hoping it won't be much longer!

Are you looking for a new project for the new year? I'm hosting a free hexie block of the month at The Hexie Blog - go check it out!

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