Sunday, December 1, 2013

May I Sew Now?

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving - hope you and your family did as well! Friday I was pooped and rested. Saturday we spent the day at a football game - LOTS of fun and excitement!

Today I'm pooped again. So now I can sew! This week I'll have a needle and thread in hand for sure.

I asked the daughters to take some pics of Cooper in a Santa hat Thursday. He was not very cooperative which shouldn't surprise me since he's only 8 months old.

They spent most of the time chasing him, hat in mouth!

I'm hosting my sewing group in about 19 days - I think I'll let anyone who wants make pincushions from hexies. Tomorrow I'll make a sample to make sure it works. Can't wait to get back in the studio!

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Melinda said...

I have been making hexie pin cushions and having a great time. I received the envelope you sent - thank you so much.