Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm Supposed to be Sewing...

But this is getting in the way:

Oopsy! Big oopsy!

I woke up yesterday feeling great and ready to sew! Before I even drank my coffee, I went up to the studio to bring down some fabric circles - it was hexie pincushion time!

Coming back down the stairs, I missed the last step and landed (still in my nightgown) in the floor. Hubby took me to the Urgent Care Center; it was a real adventure just getting me in the car. 

X-rays say it isn't broken - just very badly sprained. I cannot put any weight on it without excruciating pain. So I'm in an Ace bandage, resting, elevating, icing, and compressing. I have crutches to use to get to the bathroom. The doctor said it should be 50% better after 3 days, but I haven't seen or felt any improvement yet. If it's not significantly better by the end of the week I'm supposed to go back and get x-rayed again.

Hubby stayed home from work yesterday and today to be my legs, but I'm sending him back tomorrow. The daughters can both come help me at lunch time and I'm thinking I'll let them. 

Since it's my right foot I can't drive until it get a LOT better. I'm wondering if I could get upstairs to my studio by scooting on my bottom? Until then I do have some fabric circles to make hexies and I have all my Sue Sprargo projects. So I will survive. I shouldn't complain because so many people have problems so much worse than mine. I'm lucky that I like hand sewing. I can sit in my recliner and sew and watch TV, so it could be so much worse!


Pinnylea Creations said...

Looks sore :( Hope it improves soon and you can at least get back to your studio.

Melinda said...

I missed the last step taking the dog out a few months ago so I know how you feel. Just fit and sew for a while - it will get better.

Sue G. said...

Ouch! It does look sore:( Hope you feel better soon. Kick back and relax and work on your hexies and you'll feel better in no time!

Carol D. said...

That can happen so quickly and without warning. Hope it is better soon. At least you had just come down with the sewing you wanted to do.