Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Getting Around...Slowly

My sewing group came over yesterday - look at my dining room table: full of fun, fabric, and food! We had a great time making hexie pincushions and chatting the afternoon away. My friends were so sweet to bring food since I can't stand on my feet long to cook.

I went to the ortho doc Monday. The good news: no surgery needed! The bad news: multiple torn ligaments that will take several weeks to heal. The ligaments don't grow back together, but strong scar tissue will form. And there are enough ligaments in the foot to maintain stability even if some are torn. I'm so thrilled with the news, though it doesn't make my foot feel better now. However, I'm getting pretty good at the crutches. Hubby and our daughters have been a huge help to me!

When I'm not icing my foot or heating it with a heating pad, I can sit at my dining table and cut fabric. I'm almost done cutting the almost 1500 pieces needed for Step 2 of the Bonnie Hunter mystery. I had to order Tri-Rec rulers for Step 1. They arrived Monday, so later today I'll start cutting these pieces. Hubby is going to bring my sewing machine downstairs tonight, so maybe tomorrow I'll do some piecing.

I still can't drive because I wouldn't be able to jam on my brakes if needed. I really hope I'll be driving again before Christmas, but we'll see. Meanwhile, I'll continue to do what I'm doing.

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claudia said...

Oh my goodness! Hang in there! Thank goodness that your husband and kids are helping out!