Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Foot Verdict

So yesterday's x-ray still showed no bone break. But I still can't walk on it - so I'm being sent to an orthopedic specialist next week. I'm really hoping I'm a LOT better by Monday and can skip the ortho doctor. I'm so afraid he's use the S word (surgery) - don't want that!

Meanwhile, I had hubby bring in my bag of crushed walnut shells from the garage this morning so I could finally stuff my pincushion. Worked like a charm - big funnel, huh? Stitched it close and now I have:

the cutest pincushion!

And here's the other side.

I really love it. I'll be making more of these little hexie gems.

And what is that in the background? Daughter 1 came over yesterday during her lunch hour and brought down some stuff from my studio: my cutting mat, rotary cutter, ruler, and some fabric I'd already pulled for a quilt. Yes, I'd already decided to work on Bonnie Hunter's new mystery, Celtic Solstice over the holidays.

I'm already a week behind because of my injury. But I'll do what I can. This morning at sat at the dining room table and cut 488 yellow 2" squares. It's a start!

That's all for now - excuse my while I watch some college football!

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