Thursday, February 6, 2014

I've Been Hibernating...

Last weekend, Hubby helped me hang some of my older quilts. I've been wanting to get more of them up and displayed. This is one of my all time favorites. I made it using the techniques I developed for my first book, Fabric Photo Play. Our girls had gone to the mall and came home with photo booth shots. I immediately stole borrowed the photos and made this quilt.  It's SO long that it's always hard to find a place to hang it, but it works well in this out of the way spot.

We hung this one over the back door way up high. It's called "My Blogging Neighborhood." I entered a swap/giveaway at a blog for house blog and was lucky enough to win 9 blocks from all over the world. I had fun putting this one together.

Where have I been lately? Hunkered down SEWING! I was contacted by a magazine a couple of weeks ago asking for a quilt in ONE MONTH! Yay! Yikes! I designed it quickly and have been working on the top since then. Today I finished the top!

This afternoon I basted it to the batting and backing and tomorrow the quilting will begin. Yippee! Though designed and made it so fast, it's really one of my favorites - a happy quilt!

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