Tuesday, February 25, 2014


My hand pieced triangle project is coming along nicely.  All those green basting threads will come out eventually. The most difficult part of this project is picking out the fabric for each triangle. So is this an abstract art piece? Absolutely NOT! (Though I may make an abstract in this technique soon.)

Believe it or not, this is actually a portrait art quilt. I so hope it turns out the way I planned! If not, THEN I'll call it abstract - hehe! In another week or so (I hope!) it will start looking like something (or someone).

This weekend I'm going to have my own booth at a quilt show in Prattville, AL. So I'm working on gathering and packing and checking things off a long list to get ready. I hope to make a little banner today. Plus I'm getting my March hexie BOM ready to post in a few days here. So many projects going on around here!

Our life here in Auburn revolves around 3 seasons: football, baseball, and lake. We are now officially in baseball season. We have season tickets and go to lots of the games. The biggest difference between going to a college football game and a college baseball game? I can sew at baseball games! And I do! I pack a little bag with hexies or triangles, and I get so much done while I enjoy the game.

Hope you're having a great sewing day!

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