Thursday, December 6, 2012

Want to Make a Block-a-Day?

Yesterday's basket-a-day:  isn't that background a sweet color?

And the group shot - they're really spreading out!  31 blocks done!  I'm thinking I'll be finished making basket blocks for this quilt around the end of the year...

Which brings me to the question....want to make another block-a-day with me starting in January?  I make SO MANY quilts at the same time - most of them are quilts for a future book or magazine.  What a pleasure it is to take a few minutes a day to make ONE BLOCK - just one!  Before I know it, I've made a quilt that is purely for FUN!

You can make the same block I'm making (not sure what my next one will be yet!), or pick your own block - even a simple nine-patch!  And once a week we'll have a linky so everyone can share their progress!  Sounds like fun to me!  Are you in?  Let me know!

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