Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I decided the medallion wasn't happening.  I like it better like this after all!  So I'll keep on basket making 'till the cows come home....or maybe until the end of the year?

Hubby's car is in the shop getting a new bumper.  So I was without a car yesterday and will be again today.  (Hubby is driving mine - a guy's got to get to work.)  But don't worry about me - I've done nothing but SEW, SEW, SEW!

I have hundreds (320, to be exact) hexies to appliqué on a quilt.  Relaxing work.  Especially if you watch Netflix while you work.  Prison Break.  I'm hooked on it.  I also watched a sappy Christmas movie yesterday while I stitched 'cause I like me some sappy Christmas movies.  I'm weird like that.

Last night hubby and I headed out to pick up some dinner ('cause I didn't cook!).  Somehow we ended up at the airport on the tarmac amongst throngs of people to greet our team's newly hired football coach.  Because my hubby is a avid fan.  And when you live in a college town, you're there to support.  Yes, we finally got some dinner.

I have another special post planned for later today, so check back in.  I'll be sharing a special quilt!

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