Friday, December 7, 2012

An Evening at Flavin's

As promised, here are a few shots from our guild party last night at Flavin Glover's house.  This photo was taken from the stairs, looking down on the family room.  Do you see that U-shaped desk behind the sofa?  Click on the picture to see bigger.  That's where Flavin sews - yes, right in the middle of the family room!  See the closet on the back wall?  That's where she stores her stash.  How convenient!

Everyone brought finger food - what a spread!  Flavin provided drinks.  Her husband said the blessing and I really enjoyed chatting with him for a few minutes.  He's just as nice as Flavin.

Here's a little vignette inside their home: one of her quilts hanging with more small quilts artfully arranged on chairs.  We were free to wander through the house.  Every bed had a Flavin Glover quilt on it - quilts I've see before in books and on the internet.  What a thrill it was to see them all in her home.

I spotted these little whittled trees on her kitchen cupboard.  I have a feeling her husband made them.  I think I'm in love with these little trees.

It was a very fun evening.

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