Thursday, December 6, 2012


Here's my basket-a-day.  I've noticed I need to add more lights to the quilt, so I pulled a light peach for the background - really it's a flesh tone.  I was having so much fun....

I made two more!  Both of these have that wonderful Kaffe pencil print background.

And the group shot!  Every day I rearrange the blocks a bit on the design wall, trying to balance the color and value.  I can see now that I need to do more rearranging.  I can't tell you how helpful it is when making a quilt to take a photograph and look at it on the computer.  You can see much more this way than just standing back and looking.

Do you see what else I added?  I placed a couple of sold blocks at the bottom, along with a striped filler triangle.  Trying to figure out the edges of the quilt.  When Alex Anderson made a quilt like this, she used nine-patches around the outside edge.  I'll stare at it awhile longer before I decide.

I'm still working on the appliqué of hexies!  LOTS and LOTS of hexies!

Tonight I'm going to our local guild's Christmas Flavin Glover's house!  I hear she decorated with her quilts - can't wait!  Full report tomorrow.

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