Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My New Bermuda Friends

While I was in San Antonio and Hubby was in his conference, I ate breakfast alone in the hotel restaurant. The second morning as I was finishing up, I overheard the "Q" word coming from the next table. I turned around and asked the ladies if they were quilters. YES! Next thing you now, I took my cup of tea and joined them. Quilters always have an instant bond, don't you think?

In the picture above are from L to R: Nancy, Paula, Me, and Noella. They are all from Bermuda. After a few days in San Antonio, they'll be on their way to Houston for the IQA show - yes, I'm a tad bit jealous since I'm not going this year. Maybe next year for me?
Here's a picture of their quilt guild logo - Ahhh, so tropical. Nancy specializes in Bermuda landscapes. She had her IPad handy and showed me some pictures of some of her quilts; they were lovely!

We had a great time together. I was hoping to run into them again while we were there, but never did. Ladies, I looked for you in the bar that evening around 5:15. Let me know how the show was, please!
There we so many gorgeous tile mosaics in S. A. Here a fun one I saw on the River Walk.
I love this photo. I'm not making a commentary on the Occupy Wall Street movement, to be sure. But I just like the photo. This young lady was walking alone in a park. I like that I captured the movement in her skirt as she walked.

Today I picked up my Zaycon chicken. It is beautiful! I divided it up in freezer bags and stashed it in the freezer. I will not be buying chicken for quite some time.

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